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About Sheryl

I started taking pictures as my artistic outlet when I was a child. After many years of dabling with photography as a hobby I realized how much it fits my personality perfectly. I love capturing a unique expression, the moment of victory, a quiet heartfelt special glance . My genuine love of people, just talking to them, finding out who they are, what their interests are and most of all capturing their spirit with my camera...making memories! Its what I love!

I remember when the darkroom was my sanctuary- now the darkroom is my computer and my passion for photography has thankfully become my day's work.

My two daughters have grown up at blinding speed. My job was to chase them around and collect the moments- the silly faces, the curls, the sweet tender expressions as they loved unconditional everyday.This is the job i try to do for you as well. I want to take the picture that you will look at for years to come. The one that brings back floods of memories and offers a glimpse into the love that you have for your family, child, and friends . I want your children to see the images later and know they were loved and brought into this world with love. I want to capture your athlete, your child, being spectacular in their very own way , their moment to shine.

The loves of my life are my husband and two daughters. They light me up and inspire me on a daily basis. We love to be together, and they share in my joy of my business and they graciously end up being the very subject of many of my photographs.

My heart and soul goes into each and every photograph to create your very own piece of art that you will love for years to come.

(Sheryl z photography has the right to refuse any sale of a picture. All images are copyrighted. A purchase of any child's picture to someone other than their parent will require permission from that child's parent or guardian. )

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